The Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC) welcomes Jersey’s new Cyber Security Strategy


With data at the heart of so much economic and social activity in the Island, the security of that data is vitally important in both a professional and personal capacity.

The major reform of data protection legislation due in early 2018 is, to a significant degree, prompted by the new risks posed to individuals in this digital era.  If Jersey is to respond to those risks, an effective and responsive cyber security strategy is an essential element of data protection and must form part of the broader Island data strategy.

‘Whilst it is important for all of us to be aware of the risks, government has a major role to play in ensuring there is a robust policy and a legal and technical framework underpinning digital activity,’ said information commissioner Emma Martins.

‘We have seen high profile security breaches in recent years and it is a problem that is only going to increase. Not only do breaches pose very real risks to individuals whose data have been compromised, it also affects the reputation of the organisation and the jurisdiction where the organisation is based. This is why it is so important for government and business to work together and the OIC welcomes the Cyber Security strategy report and consultation.

‘For a jurisdiction to benefit from the huge opportunities the digital era presents for government, business and individuals, we need to ensure we have the tools to respond. This is no longer the sole domain of just IT staff.  Digital security is the responsibility of us all, and needs engagement at every level of society so I would urge Islanders to respond, both in a personal and professional capacity. Data security must now be on every board agenda, risk register and education programme,’ added Mrs Martins.

The States of Jersey’s consultation paper can be found at