It’s Data Protection day!


New consumer data protection law less than four months away

STRONGER protection for consumers when it comes to their personal data is now less than four months away from coming into force in Jersey.

With European Data Protection Day falling on Sunday 28th January, the Office of the Information Commissioner is urging people to become more familiar about their rights about how their data is handled when the new legislation comes into effect.

‘Jersey’s new Data Protection laws come into force on 25th May 2018, the same day as the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They extend the rights of individuals, giving them more control over what happens to their personal information,’ said Deputy Information Commissioner Paul Vane.

Under the new rules, business will have to provide individuals with more information when it comes to personal data handling – including stronger rules around how businesses ensure individuals have consented to the use of such information.

‘With European Data Protection Day, it’s the perfect time to highlight these new laws that will benefit consumers. As well as long-standing rights of access to, and correction of personal information in specific cases, the new laws allow for the erasure of personal information in some circumstances, and the right to data portability,’ added Mr Vane.

GDPR, which also aims to harmonise compliance regulations for business, will be the biggest change to data protection across Europe in more than 20 years. More guidance for individuals and business will be added to the Commissioner’s website over the coming months. For more information, go to